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Building change ability

About Us

We're a free to join online community dedicated to helping managers and leaders thrive at work by building their ability to manage change brilliantly.  

Be part of a community

We're a supportive and inclusive community of like-minded professionals, keen to support each other, network, and share knowledge and experience so that we can all make change happen with skill, confidence and resilience.

Template library

Our template library is filled with downloadable TCMC change management templates as well as links to resources around the web curated to inspire your change plans.

Events and insights

Our online events and weekly insights share knowledge from thought-leaders that helps you build your change expertise to enable you to make change happen.


Our growing selection of online learning packages are designed to build your change- ability in easy to digest courses, full of exclusive content, interactive Activity Feeds, and toolkits.

Find a mentor

Our free mentor matching helps pair experienced change professionals keen to help others grow their change careers, with new-er change managers looking to build their careers and ability.

Coaching for change

We know that leading and managing change can be tough. Our coaching programmes are designed to enhance your ability to lead change with skill, resilience and energy.

Whether you're after a one off change 'power hour' to help you overcome an obstacle you're facing, or a package of one-to-one coaching to support you through a challenging change programme, we have an option to suit you.

The benefits of joining TCMC

1. Learn to lead and manage change brilliantly

2. Grow your network and build relationships

3. Gain the support of a community of change pros and leaders

4. Give something back by sharing your skills and experience with other

5. Build your confidence and reputation

6. Progress your career


"The coaching sessions have been extremely useful in a lot of ways. I found that I have been able to make significant progress with the goals that we set through a lot of the reflective work, 360 feedback and techniques we discussed. I feel far more confident in areas where before I would be panicked, assured in my approach and definitely feel the process has confirmed the direction I wish to go in my career as a whole. Although I am still on a journey with some of the other areas we have discussed, I feel I am moving in the right direction and this has been made achievable by the coaching."

"I recently moved from a people manager role to a more senior management role and I knew I needed to find ways to free up time to think more strategically. My coaching sessions were instrumental in helping me shift my mindset, identifying practical ways to 'find' more time in my diary to review, reflect and plan. My coach encouraged me to set realistic goals between our sessions, then would take time to reflect and discuss my progress. As a result of my sessions I feel like I have a clearer head, I feel more confident in my transition to a more senior role and I understand the value of effective delegation - I'm now spending more time 'on the balcony, not just on the dance floor!"